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    My name's Jeff (literally lol) my handle is SubjectSage (anyone can call me SubjectSage, Sage, and/or Subject. Lol totally up to you). I'm very competitive in the Halo and CS scene. I've been a PC player since I was an infant (thanks to my amazing aunt lol). I started playing CS I was in middle school and it was just a website link I found on Facebook back in 2011 and stuck with it ever since (a personal story I don't mind telling as to why I didn't continue to push myself to go pro then). I started playing Halo competitively back in the Halo 3 days all the up to the Halo 4 days but went back to PC gaming after I halfway finished the Halo 4 campaign lol. Daily I rewatch my clips and streams to see what I can keep consistent as well as look at what I need to improve on and what areas I need to better myself at, while I'm working what needs improvement I also look at what I need to make and keep that consistent.  I'm still pushing myself for my dream 9 yrs later.

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That's what I call and End Game!
Halo: Reach
That's what I call an End Game!!
Halo: Reach

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