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GYO COD MW League - Season 2 Announcement

Hello COD players,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and new year. We've been busy at work updating and adding features to our league software to provide a better experiance for you all. 

Season 2 is kicking off after a great period of testing during season 1. We've made some changes to the format and structure. Check out the changes below: 

1. League and game chat lobbies

We've added a chat lobby now to the league homepage dashboard and for each of your individual matches. We want communication to be fluid without you having to go back and forth from discord to the site. This is currently in "beta" mode, so there may be some bugs. We'd love for you to utilize the chat lobby so we can get some feedback on improving this. 

2. Pre-made teams and free agents are allowed in Season 2

There was a substantial amount of teams that requested to join with pre-made teams. Starting season 2, teams may join as complete teams. 

Free agents are also welcome to join and captains will utilize the draft process to ensure those players are placed on a team. 

3. Games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday for 9pm EST. 

We saw that the weekend in the evening is the most open times for participants to play. Games will be scheduled for a locked start time. We want to make sure people can schedule adequetly without having to discuss re-scheduled times. We're not going to completely ignore rescheduling, if it works best for both teams and it's within a reasonable time, we'll allow it. 

4. If you paid for Season 1, you do not need to pay for Season 2. 

Please message me through GYO messages or discord if you have any questions, we're looking forward to kicking off Season 2 and improving the leagues for you all! 

Noah Hankinson

Discord: Noah Hankinson#9532

Play Sea of Thieves and Halo: Reach for pennies Game Pass is only 1 right now

I ve been spending the past few weeks playing co-op games with my BFF. I wanted to try Sea of Thieves, because when I m not dreaming of being an astronaut, I m dreaming of being a pirate. Being Scottish, I suggested we use Game Pass, Microsoft s games subscription service, and was surprised to see that it was only 1. Then I was surprised to see that the next renewal date for my sub is April. Score! It s a holiday discount, so you ll probably need to be super quick, and though it claims…

GYO is Ready to Roar in 2020

Nearly two years ago, the initial GYO founding team sat around a table and discussed a simple concept: esports needs more support for the dreamers of esports. The pros have plenty of support, but what about the players who dream of one day following those footsteps? For those players, there were not many resources.

Flash forward and after a year and a half of development, GYO officially emerged out of Beta and has since been on a tear – adding nearly 600 new player accounts per day. Our messaging is simple: if you have a dream to pursue a path to the pros and/or esports scholarships, and we’re here to serve you.

Halo: Combat Evolved testing could begin in January, 343 Industries says

Have you been banned from Halo: Reach, and you're pretending that you don't know why? The latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection development update might be able to help clarify where you went wrong."We are committed to ensuring that players have a positive, fair, and safe experience playing MCC online," developer 343 Industries wrote. "While many of the behaviors we’ve seen may seem innocuous, the reality is that when a player participates in something like 'AFK farming' in Grifball, they’re creating…

Local Co-op for Halo on PC: answers at last

Ever since the Master Chief Collection was announced for PC back in March, fans have been clamouring for the Xbox version s classic split screen local co-op to be included in the PC port. But so far, it seems they ve had no luck. In a Reddit AMA at the time, 343 Industries community director Brian ske7ch Jarrard said it was a tricky issue, and that 343 was still looking at what can be supported . Eight months later, the collection s roll-out on PC has started with Halo:…

Halo: Reach's remaster is OK - but key improvements are required

This week's arrival of Halo: Reach on Xbox One, Windows Store and Steam is a highly significant release. Nine years after its Xbox 360 debut, it has finally been added to the Master Chief Collection with all last-gen Bungie and 343 titles now available to Xbox One users. It's also available on PC as part of a scheduled, episodic roll-out of Halo titles - and it's the first full franchise release to hit the platform since 2004. It's a big deal then, but how does it improve on the original and are…

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